Automatic Server Broadcast with Rich Text

educatalan02 105 2019-09-03 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformational

This plug-in allows you to control the damage taken by the vehicle.

Fruten 68 259 2019-06-30 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsDeveloper Tools

Manage animals and zombies with commands!

Johnanater 331 2019-07-22 Unturned
Admin ToolsFunMiscelangelous

Sync your admins with a mysql database

Game4Freak 68 152 2019-06-28 Unturned

Simple thief like pickpocket plugin

MCrow 4 341 2019-06-21 Unturned
FunRole Playing

Show current players via UI

educatalan02 68 505 2019-06-03 Unturned
StaffHelp 2.0

Jonny 68 258 2019-05-13 Unturned
Admin Tools
AdvancedZones – Simple No KOS

Make a NoKOS Timer for your unturned servers

WhatTheHell 68 136 2019-05-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsMechanics

Allows your players to have more than just one bed

MCrow 6 907 2019-08-01 Unturned

RocketMod plugin to manage airdrops in Unturned

MCrow 74 2019-05-13 Unturned
AirdropManager 3.0

RocketMod plugin to manage airdrops in Unturned

MCrow 268 2167 2019-09-15 Unturned

Community Plugin 10 136 2019-07-19 Unturned

Manage ingame events which can be added by other plugins (with UI countdown!)

Game4Freak 16 246 2019-05-09 Unturned
Developer ToolsFunMechanics

Allows you to control carjacks

Game4Freak 6 234 2019-05-08 Unturned

Withdraw and deposit your cash (With AdvancedZones support)

Game4Freak 15 521 2019-06-24 Unturned
EconomyMechanicsRole Playing
VehicleTeleporter (Unstable)

Allows you to teleport to & retrieve your locked vehicles!

Mr.Kwabs 28 196 2019-05-01 Unturned

Trojaner 444 2019-05-01 Unturned

Hides playernames when looking at them, in the playerlist and chat

Game4Freak 5 370 2019-05-02 Unturned

Allows you to switch between Servers whilst in one (Now with RocketRegions support)!

Mr.Kwabs 31 139 2019-07-18 Unturned

Allows you to make blacklists for picking up, equiping and vehicles with ignore permissions

Game4Freak 36 376 2019-04-28 Unturned
Admin ToolsMechanicsMiscelangelous

Johnanater 43 564 2019-07-22 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformationalMiscelangelous
GodVanishPlus (Unstable)

oliverr_24 44 2019-04-25 Unturned
Admin Tools
UconomyUI (Unstable)

principeian 19 1370 2019-04-14 Unturned
EconomyInformationalRole Playing

Community Plugin 12 164 2019-05-23 Unturned
Chat RelatedEconomyFun

Made to fulfill all your needs

Game4Freak 45 1200 2019-07-26 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsMechanics

Community Plugin 9 699 2019-07-19 Unturned
Chat RelatedFun
WaypointTeleporter (Unstable)

Mr.Kwabs 109 1641 2019-05-01 Unturned
Admin ToolsDeveloper ToolsMechanics

AutoSave with custom message

educatalan02 144 4078 2019-07-16 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformational
AdvancedAirstrikes (Unstable)

Allows you to call in Airstrikes with many configurable options!

Mr.Kwabs 101 1665 2019-05-01 Unturned
Admin ToolsFunMechanics
SendURL (Unstable)

Allows you to send URL prompts to Users in your Server!

Mr.Kwabs 26 747 2019-05-01 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformationalMiscelangelous

Allow players to buy chat colors!

Johnanater 29 1331 2019-07-22 Unturned
Chat RelatedEconomyFun
BanOnDeath (Unstable)

Bans players on Death, useful for custom gamemodes!

Mr.Kwabs 2 215 2018-11-10 Unturned
Admin ToolsMechanicsMiscelangelous
SimpleJump (Unstable)

Adds /Jump, /Ascend & /Descend commands to your Server.

Mr.Kwabs 83 1503 2019-05-01 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsDeveloper Tools

Adds licenses to your RolePlay server!

Community Plugin 2 829 2019-07-19 Unturned
Admin ToolsRole Playing

Adds new PvP features!

Community Plugin 8 358 2019-07-19 Unturned
Admin ToolsRole Playing

Community Plugin 23 351 2019-05-23 Unturned
Admin ToolsMechanicsMiscelangelous

Community Plugin 13 432 2019-07-19 Unturned
Admin ToolsDeveloper ToolsFun
SimpleIPBan (Unstable)

Adds the ability to blacklist certain IPs from joining your Server.

Mr.Kwabs 68 1286 2019-05-15 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsDeveloper Tools
MySQLPermits (Unstable)

Anomoly 3 2019-03-06 Unturned
DoorPlugin (Unstable)


Community Plugin 40 2284 2019-05-12 Unturned

Get rewards for voting!

Community Plugin 66 2924 2019-07-19 Unturned
Anti-Grief (Unstable)

Anti-Grief plugin for PVE style server's.

cartman-2000 2178 2018-02-13 Unturned

Server whitelist by Steam ID

Community Plugin 2 856 2019-07-19 Unturned
Admin Tools

Sven 68 1084 2019-06-20 Unturned
HousePlugin (Unstable)


Community Plugin 9 2132 2019-05-12 Unturned
UconomyToAviEconomy (Unstable)

Use Uconomy plugins with AviEconomy easily

Trojaner 5640 2018-02-22 Unturned
EconomyRole Playing
Cheers Gun Game (Unstable)

The 8-player game mode from the COD Series.

SomeCatIDK 1174 2018-01-30 Unturned
Livemaps (Unstable)

Display a dynamically generated "live map" on your website of any currently running Unturned servers on your network.

Nexis 8277 2018-04-11 Unturned
FunInformationalWebsite Administration
Reputation Manager (Unstable)

Manage players' reputations with a command.

Community Plugin 4087 2019-05-12 Unturned
Item Modifier (Unstable)

Modify the settings of items.

IAmSilK 3103 2017-07-10 Unturned
Skills (Unstable)

Manage player's skill sets.

IAmSilK 131 13276 2019-05-22 Unturned

Effects at Death and much more.

Community Plugin 56 7730 2019-07-18 Unturned
AdvancedGodVanish (Unstable)

STOP Vanish and God mode abusing!

Community Plugin 84 7598 2019-05-12 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedDeveloper Tools
SDPlugins: Character Limiter (Unstable)

Limit the amount of characters allowed on one server per player.

SDPlugins 897 2017-08-07 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsMechanics
SkillSets (Unstable)

Sets of skills provided with permissions/commands

Community Plugin 16 1469 2019-05-23 Unturned
SDPlugins: Trails (Unstable)

Customizable trails for your players!

SDPlugins 6578 2017-06-13 Unturned
Simple Vaults (Unstable)

Allows players to save and retrieve their entire inventory - or individual items - to a server-side MySQL database.

Community Plugin 57 13015 2019-05-22 Unturned
Anti-Griefing ToolsFunMiscelangelous

Cuff and Uncuff players

Anomoly 10033 2019-06-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedFunMechanicsRole Playing
KickOnDeath (Unstable)

Kicks player on death

Anomoly 2 745 2017-05-26 Unturned
Admin ToolsFunRole Playing
DriverKick (Unstable)

Kick Driver From Vehicle

Anomoly 3170 2017-05-29 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedFunRole Playing
TemporaryDestruction (Unstable)

The plugin allows you to set the time when barricades and structures can't be destroyed.

Community Plugin 4 1453 2019-05-23 Unturned
Anti-Griefing Tools
AdvancedRobnRaid (Unstable)

Advanced RobnRaid

Bullet_Tide 3656 2017-06-24 Unturned
Chat RelatedFunRole Playing
Server Restart (Unstable)

Plugin to restart your Unturned server with a simple command.

NightFish 6653 2017-04-17 Unturned
Admin Tools

Admin/Staff Private Chat

Anomoly 63 9241 2019-07-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat Related

Loot resetting.

Community Plugin 87 14601 2019-07-18 Unturned
AdvancedStaffHelp (Unstable)

Lets a player talk privately with online staff members!

Coolpuppy24 2960 2017-04-29 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedMechanics
RPEvents (Unstable)

AKA Rob & Raid (+ Arrest)

Community Plugin 25 4809 2019-05-22 Unturned
Chat RelatedMechanicsRole Playing

Edits your permissions

Community Plugin 15555 2019-07-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedDeveloper Tools
SimpleDeathMessages (Unstable)

Show Death Messages on a server

Community Plugin 277 42383 2019-05-15 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformationalMechanics
CommandLogger (Unstable)

Logs all abusive commands in a seperate file!

Community Plugin 65 9434 2019-05-22 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedInformational
RP 911 Emergency (Unstable)

Emergency 911 call plugin for Rocket Unturned roleplay servers.

NightFish 6406 2017-04-18 Unturned
FunMechanicsRole Playing
SDPlugins: Owner Checker (Unstable)

Check the owner of any type of structure!

SDPlugins 9036 2017-05-15 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsInformational
Channels (Unstable)

Text channels for your players!

Community Plugin 4 787 2019-05-23 Unturned
Chat RelatedFun
Remote Commands (Unstable)

AmorphousBlob 1957 2017-04-24 Unturned
Admin ToolsFunMiscelangelous
ChatGod (Unstable)

Chat Control Plugin

Euphrates 26 2648 2019-03-24 Unturned
Anti-Griefing ToolsChat RelatedRole Playing
SDPlugins: PocketResizer (Unstable)

Resize a players hand slots

SDPlugins 2478 2017-04-05 Unturned
KillForXP (Unstable)

Get XP for killing players!

Plugin4U 17402 2017-03-31 Unturned
FunRole Playing
SDPlugins: MaxVolume (Unstable)

Set max volume of stereos

SDPlugins 515 2017-04-01 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsMiscelangelous
ForceDrop (Unstable)

Drop your player's inventory!

Community Plugin 49 6706 2019-05-22 Unturned
Admin ToolsFunRole Playing
AdvancedInvestigate (Unstable)

Advanced Investigate

Community Plugin 18 1937 2019-05-23 Unturned
Admin Tools

A Jobs plugin

Community Plugin 23186 2019-07-18 Unturned
Chat RelatedMechanicsRole Playing
RPRadio (Unstable)

Text-Based Radio.

Harry W 2383 2017-03-15 Unturned
Chat RelatedRole Playing
Get IP

Gets the IP of a player.

Community Plugin 7817 2019-07-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedInformational
GroupBank (Unstable)

Bank storage for groups to store experience and money in

Arechi 42 4602 2019-05-22 Unturned
EconomyRole Playing
SayAs (Unstable)

Allow players to send a message as someone else, Great for pranking!

Community Plugin 14 2586 2019-05-23 Unturned
Chat RelatedFun
Events (Unstable)

Make sure your players never miss an event!

Community Plugin 23 2897 2019-05-22 Unturned
FunRole Playing
SwitchPosition (Unstable)

Community Plugin 1 458 2019-05-23 Unturned
Admin ToolsFunMechanics
Arena Spawn Protection (Unstable)

Arena Spawn Protection by ic3w0lf

ic3w0lf 1358 2017-02-21 Unturned
Duty Revived

Let your staff do their job!

Community Plugin 6638 2019-07-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsMechanics
CustomKits (Unstable)

Save/Load kits ideal for PvP servers! Does not require MySQL

Community Plugin 59 22497 2019-05-23 Unturned
FunMechanicsRole Playing
AdvancedSpawnProtection (Unstable)

Gives players spawn protection on join and or respawn

sharkbound 176 6409 2019-05-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsMechanics
CallVote Revived (Unstable)

Voting system for things to happen

Arechi 7110 2017-04-01 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedFun

Rules for servers

Community Plugin 7599 2019-07-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformationalRole Playing
Gun Game (Unstable)

A custom game mode for Unturned servers running Rocket Mod, based on Gun Game for Counter Strike Source (Arms Race)

NightFish 1441 2016-11-19 Unturned
Death Messages Remastered

Death Messages Remastered

M0RG4N 16890 2019-07-16 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformationalMechanics
Dynmap 2 (Unstable)

Webpage map showing player positions

Alec123445 1648 2017-07-12 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformationalMiscelangelous
PLSTimedSpy (Unstable)

Auto-Spier that stores screenshots

Community Plugin 4 737 2019-05-23 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformational
AdminWarnings (Unstable)

Warn players with configurable punishments

sharkbound 169 16533 2019-05-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformationalMechanics
AntiSuicide (Unstable)

Simple addon to avoid suicide relocation.

Community Plugin 32 3995 2019-05-22 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedRole Playing
DeathManager (Unstable)

announcements when a player dies

Community Plugin 161 10267 2019-05-22 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformational
VACKicker (Unstable)

Kick the user that VAC record exists

Community Plugin 31 2159 2019-05-22 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformational
Blacklist Drivers (Unstable)

Disallow players from driving

Alexr03 954 2018-10-03 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsMiscelangelous
CustomSpawnPoints (Unstable)

Allows admins to create custom spawn points

sharkbound 47 5065 2019-06-30 Unturned
Admin ToolsMechanicsMiscelangelous
Health Station (Unstable)

Take care of your health

Raxul 192 2019-04-27 Unturned
EconomyFunRole Playing
WebsiteCommands (Unstable)

lets server owners easily make commands that prompt the player to open a link

sharkbound 20173 2019-05-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformationalMiscelangelous
Vehicle Events (Unstable)

Spawn a vehicle on the map for players to fight over and take control of.

CryTheSly 6759 2016-12-03 Unturned
FunMechanicsRole Playing
SpyAll (Unstable)

Screenshots all players connected to the server

sharkbound 49 2526 2019-05-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformational

Checks to see if an admin is abusing.

Alexr03 126 8075 2019-07-17 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformationalMiscelangelous
AdminHelp (Unstable)

Helping chat for admins

Community Plugin 35 4517 2019-05-22 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedMiscelangelous
Airdrop Manager (Unstable)

Have mass airdrops and timed airdrops

CryTheSly 31585 2019-05-24 Unturned
EasyAmmo (Unstable)

Gives you magazines for the gun you are holding

Community Plugin 155 10602 2019-05-12 Unturned
Player Info Library (Unstable)

Addes a more advanced/detailed investigate command.

Community Plugin 8545 2019-05-13 Unturned
Admin ToolsDeveloper ToolsInformational
FeexGeoBlock (Unstable)

Geo IP Whitelist/Blacklist.

Sven 2 475 2019-05-20 Unturned
Admin ToolsMiscelangelous
MOTDgd – Advertisement for your Unturned server (Unstable)

Monetization platform for Unturned servers.

LinhyCZ 9577 2017-05-03 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat RelatedEconomy
Wrecking Ball Revived (Unstable)

Destroy stuff in the server to clear lag

cartman-2000 17060 2019-04-27 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsInformational
FeexRanks (Unstable)

MySQL based ranks with reward functions.

Sven 251 12039 2019-09-04 Unturned
Item Restrictions (Unstable)

Prevent players from acquiring certain items .

Community Plugin 11276 2019-05-23 Unturned
Admin Tools
FeexLimiter (Unstable)

Limit accounts which are trying to connect to your server.

Sven 680 2019-05-20 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing Tools
FeexHitman (Unstable)

Set bounties on other players.

Sven 110 8142 2019-05-20 Unturned
DropManager (Unstable)

Lets you configure, which items players will drop after death

Community Plugin 15 2969 2019-05-23 Unturned
FunMechanicsRole Playing
FeexAFK (Unstable)

Simple AFK plugin.

Sven 30 3798 2019-05-20 Unturned
FeexExp (Unstable)

Simple plugin to give yourself or others experience with additional functions.

Sven 146 7250 2019-05-20 Unturned
Admin ToolsMechanics

Mute players with a command or based on a blacklist of words

Sven 99 5103 2019-05-18 Unturned
Admin ToolsChat Related

Allows the server to be shut down at specified times with warnings.

Community Plugin 63 8414 2019-05-22 Unturned
Admin Tools
StatKeeper (Unstable)

Track, view, and reward player stats.

Community Plugin 82 3491 2019-05-12 Unturned
Warps (Unstable)

Adds warps to the server.

Community Plugin 267 20022 2019-05-15 Unturned
Admin ToolsFunMechanics
MOTD (Unstable)

Shows up to 4 colored messages in chat to connected players

Community Plugin 106 3668 2019-05-12 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformational
Join/Leave Messages (Unstable)

Simple plugin that adds messages to the server when someone joins or leaves the server.

Community Plugin 45905 2019-05-15 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformational
FPS Cap (Unstable)

Adds a configurable TPS limit to the server, and readds the TPS command.

Community Plugin 1424 2019-05-23 Unturned
Admin ToolsInformational
ReservedSlots (Unstable)

Re-addes reserved slots back to the server.

Community Plugin 106 5983 2019-05-22 Unturned
Admin Tools
Teleport Utilities (Unstable)

Adds relative point to point teleport commands and locate.

Community Plugin 2789 2019-05-23 Unturned
Admin Tools

Clear inventories

Community Plugin 124 9303 2019-05-22 Unturned
TPA (Unstable)

Players can send teleport requests to other players.

Community Plugin 845 102572 2019-05-12 Unturned
Regions (Unstable)

(UPDATED 25.07.2017) A plugin which provides configurable regiones for Unturned

Trojaner 28336 2019-04-19 Unturned
Admin ToolsAnti-Griefing ToolsRole Playing

Whitelist in Mysql

Community Plugin 665 2019-05-12 Unturned
Admin Tools

A simple shop

Community Plugin 41276 2018-05-27 Unturned

Extend Uconomy with salary and exchange

Community Plugin 24385 2019-04-28 Unturned

Random items

Community Plugin 1 25740 2019-05-01 Unturned

Kits for Rocket!

Sven 908 104244 2019-04-11 Unturned

Teleport to your claimed bed

Community Plugin 501 44523 2019-05-01 Unturned

Economy plugin, Your own ingame currency

Community Plugin 678 46118 2019-05-21 Unturned
Admin ToolsEconomyWebsite Administration
MessageAnnouncer & Text Commands

Automatic serverwide broadcasts

Sven 26772 2019-04-25 Unturned
Chat RelatedInformationalMiscelangelous

Syncronize your bans across multiple servers using a MySQL table

Sven 8947 2019-04-25 Unturned
Admin ToolsWebsite Administration

Gain more votes on server lists by offering customizable reward bundles

Sven 159 11318 2019-04-25 Unturned
InformationalWebsite Administration