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Maintainer: Community Plugin
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AdminHelp is a plugin that allow players to ask to the Admins something through a command. That is to avoid chat spamming, and to quietly report someone.



-“/adminhelp <message>” Send a message only to the Admins and console (depending on the config)
Aliase: adminh
-“/adminbusy” Toggles the display of AdminHelp messages for the player
Aliase: adminb
-“/admincolor <color>/<firstColor secondColor..>/<list>” A little command to see what colors are available for the plugin (You’ll soon going to be able to use custom colors)
Aliase: adminh



-Allow players to send a message only visible to Admins (and console depending on the config)
-Permissions to allow to send/receive the AdminHelp messages
-Messages receivers can now turn it on/off doing /adminbusy
-Custom message display using the translation file and custom colors



-“logEveryCommandInConsole” if true messages will be sent in console when players uses /adminbusy and a few other actions
-“showMessageInConsole” if true then the /adminh command will display the messages in the console too
-“commandBusyColor” color for the message when someone is now busy (only sent to caller)
-“commandUnBusyColor” color for the message when someone is not busy anymore (only sent to caller)
-“messageColor” color of the /adminhelp message
-“messageSentColor” color of the message sent to the player when his message has been successfuly sent to admin(s)
-“messageNoAdminOnlineColor” color of the message sent to the player when he does /adminhelp but there is no admin(s) online/not busy



-“adminhelp.send” allow someone to use /adminhelp
-“adminhelp.receive” allow someone to receive the /adminhelp messages (admins already does)
-“adminhelp.busy” allow someone to use /adminbusy
-“adminhelp.busy.bypass” allow someone to bypass the busy state
-“adminhelp.color” allow someone to use the /admincolor command


Comming features:

-If there is no admin online at the moment, then the first admin that is going to connect will receive the messages
-Add more colors and custom choice
-Remake the look of the messages

Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AdminHelpConfig xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="command_syntax_message" Value="Please do" />
  <Translation Id="no_admin_online" Value="There is no Admins online for now, or they are busy, sorry!" />
  <Translation Id="adminhelp_help" Value="Send a message to Admins only" />
  <Translation Id="adminhelp_sent" Value="Message has been sent!" />
  <Translation Id="adminhelp_prefix" Value="[AdminH] " />
  <Translation Id="adminhelp_sufix" Value=": " />
  <Translation Id="admincolor_help" Value="Display the color with an example message" />
  <Translation Id="admincolor_example" Value="This is an example message displaying in:" />
  <Translation Id="admincolor_message" Value="If some colors are white, it means they doesn't exist" />
  <Translation Id="admincolor_list" Value="Here are the colors:" />
  <Translation Id="admincolor_console_error" Value="Wrong color, set to default value WHITE, error at:" />
  <Translation Id="adminbusy_console_busy" Value="is now busy" />
  <Translation Id="adminbusy_console_unbusy" Value="is not busy anymore" />
  <Translation Id="adminbusy_help" Value="Disable receiving the AdminHelp messages" />
  <Translation Id="adminbusy_on" Value="You will no longer receive AdminHelp messages" />
  <Translation Id="adminbusy_off" Value="You will now receive AdminHelp messages" />

Commands and permissions

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