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AdvancedZones is similar to the Regions plugin but still diffrent. It allows admins to create zones in every possible shape and size with a node-based system.



For more information check out the wiki here



Every configuration can be done ingame with the /zone command.



Note: The standart /admin group has all possible permissions including the override permissions

advancedzones        — for the command

advancedzones.override.playerdamage      — for ignoring the noPlayerDamage flag

advancedzones.override.damage      — for ignoring the noDamage flag      — for ignoring the noBuild flag

advancedzones.override.lockpick      — for ignoring the noLockpick flag

advancedzones.override.vehicledamage      — for ignoring the noVehicleDamage flag

advancedzones.override.tiredamage      — for ignoring the noTireDamage flag

advancedzones.override.equip      — for ignoring the noItemEquip flag

advancedzones.override.noenter      — for ignoring the noEnter flag

advancedzones.override.noleave      — for ignoring the noLeave flag

You can add .<zonename> to every permision to allow override for a specific zone.



More detailed list here

/zone help

/zone add <zone|node|flag|block|group> <zonename> <flag|equip|build|enter|leave> <blockList|add|remove> <group>

/zone remove <zone|node|flag|block|group> <zonename> <node|flag|equip|build|enter|leave> <blockList|add|remove> <group>

/zone list <zone|zones|nodes|flags|blocklists|groups> <zonename>

/zone flags

/zone blockList <add|remove|list|addItem|removeItem> <equip|build> <blockList> <itemID>

/zone inzone

/zone getpos <playername>

/zone tp node <zonename> <node>



noDamage      — No damage on structures or barricades

noVehicleDamage      — No damage on vehicles

noLockpick      — No lockpick on vehicles

noPlayerDamage      — No damage on players

noBuild      — No placing of buildables

noItemEquip      — No equiping of specific items

noTireDamage      — No damage on tires

noEnter      — No entering the zone

noLeave      — No leaving the zone

enterMessage      — Message on entering the zone

leaveMessage      — Message on leaving the zone

enterAddGroup      — Group added on entering the zone

enterRemoveGroup      — Group removed on entering the zone

leaveAddGroup      — Group added on leaving the zone

leaveRemoveGroup      — Group removed on leaving the zone



BlockLists are needed for the noItemEquip and noBuild flag.

BlockLists can be added / removed or modified by the /zone blockList command.

By naming the BlockLists you have diffrent options:

– Naming a BlockList “ALL” will tell the plugin to use all IDs.

– Adding “ignore” to the name will tell the plugin that IDs in this BlockList will be ignored and override the blocked IDs (e.g. Adding a “ALL” BlockList to a Zone and adding a “ignore” BlockList with the ID of the Eaglefire will allow the player to use the Eaglefire).



/zone add zone myFirstZone     — Adding the zone myFirstZone to the server

/zone add node myFirstZone     — Adding boundaries to the zone

/zone add flag myFirstZone noDamage     — Adding a flag to the zone

/zone list nodes myFirstZone     — Listing all nodes (boundaries) of the zone

/zone remove node myFirstZone 1     — Removing the node 1 from the zone



Custom enter / leave Messages

noZombie flag

Node visuals (brick pillar, maybe map-nodes)




You want a custom plugin or report a bug? Feel free to contact me 🙂

Game4Freak#9591 on Discord

Game4Freak on Steam

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Default english translation

Commands and permissions

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