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Death Messages Remastered

This plugin is used to send messages of different causes of deaths in chat,


Examples of some death messages: “{player} has been mauled by a zombie!” , “{murderer} shot and killed {player}” , ” {player} has died due to an explosion of a vehicle!” , “{player} was obliterated by a charge!”


The Plugin will also show messages of a player getting headshot a player, example: “{player} was shot in the head by {murderer}”


Another feature of this plugin is that it will give you warnings when your hp is low, example :

“WARNING: You are about to die”

“We recommend you to patch yourself up!”


Look at the config if you want to see what other death messages are like – VV

Configuration; – 
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<DMC2 xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns:xsd=””>
<warning1>WARNING: You are about to die!</warning1>
<warning2>We recommend you to patch yourself up!</warning2>
<zombie>has been mauled by a zombie!</zombie>
<gun>shot and killed</gun>
<melee>has melee’d</melee>
<melee2>to death!</melee2>
<punch>has punched</punch>
<punch2>to death!</punch2>
<roadkill>ran over</roadkill>
<vehicle>has died due to an explosion of a vehicle!</vehicle>
<food>has starved to death!</food>
<water>has dehydrated to death!</water>
<infection>has become a zombie himself!</infection>
<bleeding>has bled to death!</bleeding>
<suicide>has killed himself!</suicide>
<landmine>has been blown up by a landmine!</landmine>
<breath>died of holding his breath for too long!</breath>
<grenade>blew up by a grenade!</grenade>
<charge>was obliterated by a charge!</charge>
<missile>was annihilated by a missile!</missile>
<freezing>froze to death!</freezing>
<bones>fell to their death!</bones>
<sentry>was shot down by a sentry</sentry>
<splash> was killed by splash damage!</splash>
<headshotgun>was shot in the head by</headshotgun>
<headchop>was slashed in the head by</headchop>
<headpunch>was punched in the head by</headpunch>
<shred>has been shreaded to death!</shred>
<acid>was killed by acid</acid>
<spit>was killed by spit!</spit>
<fire>was killed by fire!</fire>
<spark>has been sparked out</spark>
<boulder>was killed by a gigantic boulder!</boulder>

Groups that can see death messages are configurable in the config! 🙂

You’re able to change the colour of the death message in the config!

You’re able to see which gun the killer used to kill a player

You can see the HP % of the Killer

Added option to disabled death messages caused by zombies!

Please be aware! If you don’t want to use uconomy with the plugin make sure that;

You have uconomy in the libarary folder located in ;


This means that you don’t need to use uconomy with death messages, and the death messages plugin will still work.


If you find any bugs/issues with the plugin please tell me here ;  :)!

Credit to Sadusko the original creator of death messages!

His source can be found here ;

Default configuration

Default english translation

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