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Duty Revived

Originally made by Ev1dentFir3.

Original Repository For The Plugin: https://github.com/Ev1dentFir3/Duty


I do not take any credit for the plugin, it is all made by Ev1dentFir3, but he hasn’t updated it in a while, so I decided to fix up a bit of the code, translations, commands, and re-upload it to rocketmod so that everyone can download it again.


Current features:

  • Players with permission to duty (configurable all the other permissions) can get specified commands in a different permissions group by doing the in-game command /duty.
  • Players with permission to duty.check or the console can do /dc or /dutycheck to check if a player is on admin mode.
  • Configuration to toggle if when players get on duty or off duty it is said on chat.
  • Configuration to toggle if admin should be removed when the player goes off the server.
  • Configuration to enable or disable dutycheck.
  • Configuration to change chat color messages.
  • Configuration of custom duty groups.


Commands: Permissions:
/duty or /d duty
/dutycheck or /dc duty.check


Perfectly working permissions file + configuration:
Configuration: https://hastebin.com/isidaluyim.xml
Permissions: https://hastebin.com/xinekatoca.xml

Feel free to suggest any new features or bugs that you find.

Default configuration

Default english translation

Commands and permissions

Git changelog


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