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License: MIT
Maintainer: Raxul
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Health Station

With this plugin you can heal yourself in a health station.



  • /hs add – Adds health staion
  • /hs add <healing_cost> – Adds paid health station
  • /hs remove – Removes health station
  • /hs remove <index> – Removes health station
  • /hs move <index> – Moves health station to your current position
  • /hs index – Gets index of health station
  • /hs count – Gets amount of health stations
  • /yes – Heal confirmation



  • healthstation.hs
  • healthstation.yes



  • Uconomy

Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Config xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <HealthStations />

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="station_welcome" Value="Welcome to health station! Would you like to be healed? (Type /yes to agree)" />
  <Translation Id="station_welcome_pay" Value="Welcome to Health Station! Would you like to be healed for {0} {1}? (Type /yes to agree)" />
  <Translation Id="hs_usage" Value="Use: /hs add/remove/move/id/tp/amount" />
  <Translation Id="hs_ucon_false" Value="Uconomy is disabled" />
  <Translation Id="hs_added" Value="Station added! Id: {0}" />
  <Translation Id="hs_added_pay" Value="Station with cost {0} added! Id: {1}" />
  <Translation Id="hs_wrong_cost" Value="Wrong cost" />
  <Translation Id="hs_too_close" Value="You are too close to existing station" />
  <Translation Id="hs_no_stations_exist" Value="There are no stations" />
  <Translation Id="hs_wrong_id" Value="Wrong id" />
  <Translation Id="hs_removed" Value="Station removed" />
  <Translation Id="hs_not_in" Value="You are not at station" />
  <Translation Id="hs_moved" Value="Station moved" />
  <Translation Id="hs_id" Value="Id: {0}" />
  <Translation Id="hs_amount" Value="Amount of stations: {0}" />
  <Translation Id="yes_not_money" Value="You don't have enough money to pay for healing" />
  <Translation Id="yes_healed" Value="You were healed!" />

Commands and permissions

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