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InkognitoMode allows you to replace playernames with random Inkognito Names in the chat, the playerlist and the UI when you look at them.





You can add Inkognito Names in the configuration

Enable or disable Inkognito for global chat

Enable or disable prefix and suffix for inkognito



Note: The standart /admin group has all possible permissions

inkognito        — for the command

inkognito.on      — for activating the inkognito mode     — for deactivating the inkognito mode

inkognito.refresh     — for refreshing inkognito names

inkognito.refresh.self      — for refreshing your inkognito name

inkognito.refresh.other      — for refreshing the inkognito name of others

inkognito.writeoriginalname     — for writing with your original name

inkognito.vieworiginalname     — for viewing the original name of a chat message



/inkognito or /ikg

/inkognito on

/inkognito off

/inkognito refresh

/inkognito refresh all

/inkognito refresh <playername>





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Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<InkognitoConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <string>Fancy Name</string>
    <string>a Player</string>

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" />

Commands and permissions

/inkognito <on|off|refresh> <all|playername>

Permissions: inkognito

inkognito mode

Git changelog

23517763fdbe140 2019-05-02 00:34:38

Update to version

  • Added:
  • Permission to write with original name --> inkognito.writeoriginalname
  • Permission to view original name on chat messages --> inkognito.vieworiginalname

f53e28b55bc6046 2019-05-01 14:36:53

Update to version

  • Added:
  • Config bool option to use Inkognito in global chat
  • Config bool option to use prefix and suffix for inkognito

b5dd80a706823c3 2019-04-30 18:37:38

nicer random function

    34061c6f01384fa 2019-04-30 18:07:21

    deleting useless file

      cfee0cf2cd4ecdd 2019-04-30 16:08:13

      fixed permission

        c0ad431b9c10839 2019-04-30 16:04:42

        small permission fixes

          5f539e216bc574c 2019-04-30 15:32:59

          First commit of the plugin