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Feature a mySQL permission for rocket, The permissions are stored in mySQL to allow admins to edit players permission anytime in game.
It override rocket’s permission.xml, permission.xml will be disabled. Its a alternative way for webpermission.


This plugin feature in-game income system, you are able to change the income amount in database or through commands. You can enable or disable it and set the income interval in seconds in the config file. This only provide income and do not have all the feature that is in Uconomy Essential. You can disable Uconomy Essential, Pay for this to work.


Last Login date are also stored to enable owners to view when the player last login. Beside login date, this plugin also stores the number of hours the player is online in the server. It is track and save into mySQL only when the player Logs out of the server. Also, with the recent update, you are now allow to promote players automatically to another group you select when they have reach a certain amount of time spending in your server.  You can enable this feature in mySQL.

STEAM ID64 is stored into MySQL.


Features a simple Kit system to allow use to get items and vehicles. The Kit is store in mySQL. You can update, add or remove Kits anytime in game or offline. It currently have only three parameters. “Name” is the Name of the kit. “ItemID/Amt” is the ID of an Item and also include the Amount (eg. 217/2). “Cooldown” is the time left before player can use the command again to get the kit. Cooldown can also be reset if the player dies when the configuration KitCooldownResetOnDeath is true.


Features a Vehicle Ownership System that allow players to own their own cars preventing people from stealing their car. This is store in a new mySQL table. Player have to enter the vehicle for the plugin to store the vehicle inside mySQL. This plugin does not spawn vehicle when you buy the licence. This just allow the owner to have licence to the vehicle.


Feature a Shop system that allow user to buy items and vehicles. It feature a sale system that put items in the shop on sale base on percentage you entered in the configuration. It gets a random number of minutes between Minimum Sale Time and Maximum Sale Time. You can set how long the sale will last. The shop can automatically update all the items and vehicles in your Item Database and Vehicle Database respectively, removing all invalid Item/Vehicle and Item/Vehicle without a name. It will also change all item name that is not original. It will take some time during Loading to Update the Database. The automatic adding of item and vehicle to shop will only run on start up. Players also can sell their items to other players by listing their items on auction.


This plugin is in Beta Stage, there maybe some bugs. Please report them in the comment section below or in the forum.


1.Unzip the file and put the library file in the folder before the plugin folder called libraries.
2.Put LPX.dll in the plugin folder. Run once to generate config files. Shutdown and set your mySQL database connections.
3.You are now ready to assign your Groups.
There is a readme.txt included in the folder.


Note: You do not need to create table or schema, it will be auto generated for you once you run the plugin.

LPX.en.translation.xml – its best not to edit this file

All rocket command work with this plugin. Just remember to add them in to your group.

LPX Permission:
lpx.buyv or buyv
lpx.autoremoveimmunity or lpx.autori
lpx.setpromotegroup or lpx.setpromog
lpx.setpromotetime or lpx.setpromot
lpx.enablepromote or lpx.enpromo
lpx.addparentgroup or lpx.addpg
lpx.adduser.* or lpx.addu.* or lpx.adduser.[Group Name] or lpx.addu.[Group Name]
lpx.removeuser or
lpx.addgroup or lpx.addg
lpx.removegroup or lpx.rg
lpx.addpermission or lpx.addp
lpx.removepermission or lpx.rp
lpx.listgroup or lpx.listg
lpx.listpermission or lpx.listp
lpx.addgroupfreeitem or lpx.addgfi
lpx.setgroupincome or lpx.setgi
lpx <—–Most Important


Kits Permission:
kit <—– Allow user to use the Kit Command
kit.* <—- Required the permission “kit” too
kit.<Kit Name>  <—- Required the permission “kit” too
kits <—– Allow user to use the Kits Command
kits.*  <—- Required the permission “kits” too
kits.all <—- Required the permission “kits” too
kits.cooldown <—- Required the permission “kits” too
kits.add <—- Required the permission “kits” too
kits.remove <—- Required the permission “kits” too


“/kits” display only the kits that is available to the player
“/kits all” display all the kits including the cooldown of the kit
“/kits cooldown <Kit Name> <New cooldown>” change Kit’s cooldown in-game.
For vehicle: eg. “v.20/1”


Car Permission:


“/car lock”  Locks your car preventing people from entering. You must be in your vehicle to use this.
“/car unlock” Unlocks your vehicle, allowing people to enter and drive. You must be in your vehicle to use this.
“/car key <car no> <player name> Gives the player access to your vehicle
“/car rkey <car no> <player name or steamID> Remove the player access to your vehicle
“/car locate <car no> Give you the X, Y Z location of the vehicle. And if it is in Water or Driven.
FuelPrice – Default: 1.3, 0 = Disable. It is calculated per Liters, it is not calculated by percentage. A full tank from 0% to 100% will cost around 180 Credit.

Shop Permission:



Config: EnableAutoDBUpdate = true, will allow adding of all item available into the ItemShop Database automatically on startup. It will take time to load.
Items in auction example: ([0] Kitchen Knife(100): 150 Credit) [0] is the Auction ID and 100 is the Item Quality


Required Plugin:
*Make sure it is up-to-date



Known Bug:
Licence Number change when other vehicle got destroyed.


LIGHT commands in Portuguese


Steam ID: Lightphoenix2(SG)

This plugins have taken a few months to test. Any donation to support would be great :

Donation(Paypal) Through Email


Default configuration

Default english translation

Commands and permissions

Git changelog

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