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LYHMELink [Discord Administration]

This plugin allows Discord users with the Administrator Permission to send commands to and from the server straight from Discord.

This plugin does require a little bit of setting up to do so I will walk through the steps on how to setup the Discord Bot first.

  • [This does require the Unturned server to be online]
  • [The Unturned server does not need the plugin to be installed & loaded at this time but it is recommended]
  • Video Tutorial:

Setting up the Discord Bot

  1. 1) To start of please invite the bot to your discord server by this
  2. 2) Once the discord bot is in your server execute the !setup command, the bot will walk you through the steps to install setup your Unturned server with the bot. (Please have the IP and Port ready to input)
  3. 3) If the plugin was installed correctly at the time doing the !setup command, you should have been messaged a password to input into this plugin configuration file. If you was not messaged a password execute the command !u setup. This should message you a password to input into the plugin configuration file.
  4. 4) Create channels and Webhooks for the channels and input them into the plugin configuration file.
  5. 5) If all goes well, the plugin will load with no errors and you should get a [System Message] line in server console. Keep an eye on this, it will keep you updated with all new features with the bot.
  6. 6) Execute !u help in Discord to get a list of commands of what you can do with the server.

Hope all works well, if you still need help. Email me directly at:


Default configuration

Default english translation

Commands and permissions

/warn <user> <reason>

Permissions: warn

Warn a player. Gets sent to Discord

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