#200 - published a month ago


This plugin re-adds the reserved slots feature to the server, with a little bit more customizability compared to the one that was built into rocket.

Configuration Options:
  • ReservedSlotEnable: Enables/Disables the plugin.
  • Groups: The list of groups that should have reserved slots on the server.
  • ReservedSlotCount: The number of reserved slots you want.
  • AllowFill: This allows the slots to fill up when someone with a reserved slot connects to the server, otherwise it\’ll act like it did for the built in one; it\’ll try to keep the max players on the server to the max players minus the number of reserved slots if this is false.
  • AllowDynamicMaxSlot: Enables the slot count on the server to be modified based on the number of players on  the server plus the number of reserved slots you have in the range of what\’s set to the MinSlotCount and MaxSlotCount config values. Overrides the Unturned internal MaxPlayers command.
  • MaxSlotCount: Sets the maximum number of slots the server can have, max allowable for this is 48 slots, default is 24 slots.
  • MinSlotCount: Sets the minimum number of slots the server can have, minimum allowable on this is 2 with the default of 16 slots.


Updates notes:
  • A dynamic slots feature has been added to this update, this will modify the max players on the server based on how many players are on the server plus the number of reserved slots up to the max slot count set in the config. The Unturned internal MaxPlayers command becomes useless with this enabled, as maxplayers will be handled through the new feature. I added this feature as a bit of a way to get around the in-game delisting that goes on when the slot count is above 24 slots, it\’ll still get delisted when it goes over that, but the max players will still drop back into the acceptable range for the in-game server browser, when players leave the server.

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