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Inspired by Freenexs awesome servers.

Important: This plugin does not support reloading!


  • Allow players to create their own kits and let them load it
  • Players can also auto load their kits on death
  • Kits are preserved on player death and server restart
  • Uses MySQL for storage
  • Players can use /skills to maximize their skills (also possible to automatically do it on every death)
  • Anti vehicle spam: /v does destroy the players old vehicle if he spawned a previous one. A player can not have more than 1 vehicle at the same time
  • You can configure multiple slots per permission. For example: VIP can have 3 slots, Member can only have 1
  • Best for creative or sandbox servers


  • /clear: Clears the command callers inventory
  • /copy <name>: Copy a players inventory
  • /load: Load a slot
  • /load <slot>: Load slot with name
  • /load on: Auto load last used slot on death
  • /load on <slot>: Auto load slot with name on death
  • /save <slot>: save to slot
  • /skills: Maximize skills
  • /skills on: Auto max skills on death
  • /v <id or name>: Spawn vehicle with anti spam


  • Command permissions are the same as the commands. For example: for /load you would have to give the “load” permission
  • Are defined in the config
  • /load on/off: saveload.autoload
  • /skills on/off: saveload.autoskills

Default configuration

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" />

Commands and permissions


Permissions: clear

Clear your inventory

/copy <player>

Permissions: copy

Copy a players inventory

/load [on|off]

Permissions: load

Load items


Permissions: save

Save your current items

/skills [on|off]

Permissions: skills

Maximize skills

/vehicle <vehicle name or ID>

Permissions: vehicle

Spawn vehicles

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