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Server Restart

Server Restart:

This is a plugin to easily restart an Unturned server while in-game or through console. It also allows for restarting when the server gets shutdown.



  • “/reboot” Reboots the Unturned server.
  • “/restart” Reboots the Unturned server.
  • “/shutdown” Triggers automatic restart if enabled in the configuration file.



This plugin is not designed to reboot your server if it crashes, it only reboots the server on a graceful shutdown. In future if people want it I could make such a plugin but there are already easily accessable scripts to do this. (Pretty sure rocket downloads with one)



There is currently only one configuration setting called “RestartOnShutdown” that as suggests, restarts the server when the “shutdown” command is typed.

By default this setting is enabled.



This plugin could be used in conjunction with an auto-shutdown plugin to allow for easy rebooting of your server.


How this works:

The plugin launches a seperate “restart daemon” process at the shutdown of the server. This executable waits for the unturned server to shutdown then restarts it.

The source code for this executable can be found in the GitHub repo in a file called “RestartDaemon.cs”

The executable itself is stored as an embedded resource in the plugin dll.

You are welcome to inspect the executable file with Intermediary Language inspection tools to check if it matches the source code in github.

Default configuration

Default english translation

Commands and permissions

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