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Added /spamspy (/ss also works), use the command like this –
/ss username (amount of screenshots) (delay between screenshots)
Going under around 300 delay will cause in-game lag for the person being spied on, you can set the minimum delay in config file, setting it to 0 in the config disables the minimum delay

Delay is in milliseconds, ex: 1000 milliseconds = 1 second, 500 milliseconds = 1/2 second, 250 milliseconds =
1/4 second, ect.
If you need help with converting seconds to Miliseconds use this website – https://www.timecalculator.net/seconds-to-milliseconds

Allows the server owner to get a spy image of everyone currently connected to the server. It can be run in game but the admin that runs it wont see the images since they are only saved to the server spy folder

The screenshots are saved to the servers spy folder (the spy folder is located inside the server folder you installed the plugin on)

/ss Screenshots can also be saved indiviually inside a separate folder inside the spy folder, the folder will be name the players steam64id, this can be be enabled in the config file.

permission to use /spyall in game is
<Permission Cooldown=”0″>spyall</Permission>

permission to use /spamspy (or /ss) in game is
<Permission Cooldown=”0″>spamspy</Permission>

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