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Allows you to track, view, and reward player PvP and PvE stats.

Current Versions: v2.0.2.0 (MySQL), v1.3.2.0 (Xml)


PvP Stats: Total Kills, Total Deaths, KD Ratio, Gun Kills, Melee Kills, Punch Kills, Road Kills, Gun Deaths, Melee Deaths, Punch Deaths, Road Deaths, Suicide Deaths

PvE Stats: Total Deaths, Zombie Deaths, Vehicle Deaths, Food Deaths, Water Deaths, Infection Deaths, Bleeding Deaths


If admin view is enabled, only players with the stats.admin permission will be able to view other player stats.  Players without the permission will only be able to view their own stats.



/stats <mode/stat node> <player>


The /stats command without any parameters can be used to quickly view just the critical stats for your character, such as kills, deaths, and kd.


Example: /stats (will display your PvP stats: kills, deaths, and kd)


Modes include “pvp” and “pve“.  When entered without a player name, it will display all stats for that mode for your character.  When entered with a player name, it will display all stats for that mode for the player name entered.


Example: /stats pvp (will display all pvp stats for your character)

Example: /stats pvp CryReaper (will display all pvp stats for CryReaper)


If you don’t want to view all stats, there are three PvP stats available to view individually.  These are total kills “tk“, total deaths “td“, and kd ratio “kd“.  When entered without a player name, it will display that stat for your character.  When entered with a player name, it will display that stat for the player name entered.


Example: /stats tk (will display total kills for your character)

Example: /stats tk CryReaper (will display total kills for CryReaper)


The reward system rewards players for achieving certain kill milestones which can be set in the configuration file.  How much experience is awarded, what item id is awarded, and the amount of items awarded can all be set as well.  To not use one of the configurable options, set it to “0”.  You can also set the milestone to “0” and leave values in the other options and they will still not be used.



<Command>stats.admin</Command> *only need if admin view is enabled


– Database address: string

– Database username: string

– Database password: string

– Database name: string

– Database port: integer

– Enable or disable admin view: true/false
– Set kill milestone: integer
– Set experience reward: integer
– Set item id reward: integer
– Set item id reward amount: integer


– Kits given as rewards

– Add rankings/leaderboard command

– More reward milestones

– Add reward for kills and kill streaks

– Prevent farming of kills to get rewards


Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Configuration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" />

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" />

Commands and permissions

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