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Maintainer: Trojaner
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Teleportation – Unturned Plugin

  • Allows players to teleport to each other
  • Allows players to have multiple beds claimed configurable
  • You can set a delay for teleportation
  • Manage maximum amount of teleportation requests & homes claimed per permissions group


  • /tprequest <player> – Sends a request to the player
  • /tpaccept (player) – Accepts teleportation
  • /tplist – Displays a list of teleportation from and to you
  • /tpcancel (player) – Cancels your request to the player
  • /home (name) – Teleports you to bed
  • /homes – Displays a list of your beds
  • /renamehome <oldName> <newName> – Renames your bed with old name to new name
    <> means required parameter & () means optional parameter
    Aliases: /tpr, /tpa, /tpl, /tpc, /bed, /beds, /renamebed


TPEnabled: true
HomeEnabled: true
TeleportationDelay: 3
MaxRequestsDefault: 3
MaxHomesDefault: 3
- Key: VIP
  Value: 5
- Key: moderator
  Value: 8
- Key: VIP
  Value: 5
- Key: moderator
  Value: 8


Home_NotHave: You don't have any bed
Home_Driving: You can't teleport whilte driving
Home_NotFound: '{0} could not be found'
Home_Delay: You will be teleported to your home in {0} seconds
Home_Success: You have been teleported to your bed
Home_List: 'Your homes:'
Home_Exist: You already have a bed called {0}
Home_Rename: Successfully renamed {0} to {1}
TP_NoRequestFrom: There is no requests to you
TP_NoRequestTo: You didn't send a request to anyone
TP_PendingFrom: 'You have pending requests from:'
TP_PendingTo: "You've sent a request to:"
TP_Self: You can't send a request to yourself
TP_AlreadySent: You've already sent a request to {0}
TP_Limit: You have sent to many requests, you may cancel them using /tpcancel
TP_Sent: You sent a request to {0}
TP_Receive: '{0} sent you request. Respond with /tpadeny or /tpaccept'
TP_Accept: You accepted {0} request
TP_Accepted: '{0} accepted your request'
TP_Teleport: '{0} teleported to you'
TP_Teleported: You have been teleported to {0}
TP_Dead: Couldn't teleport you, because {0} is dead or left.
TP_Deny: You denied the request from {0}
TP_Denied: '{0} denied your request'
TP_NoDeny: There is no request to you
TP_Cancel: You canceled the request to {0}

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          Teleportation 1.0.2

          • Fixed the issue with home database, "missing default constructor"

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