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YouTube Tutorial: Installing TPA for Unturned


Give your players the ability to send teleportation requests to other players! This plugin is suited for PvE and PvP game modes!No more teleporting players manually using a long command now that your players can do it themselves!

Permissions: (Important!)

//Core permission for access to command. (help messages) This does not give access to the permissions below until you add them.

//Allow group to send requests

//Allow group to accept requests

TPACoolDown is the delay between a player being able to send a request again measured in seconds.

TPADelay is the delay before you get teleported, this delay is needed for no tp on hurt.

[NEW] Ninja TP Optional effect that triggers at player before they teleport. (Effect list coming soon)

For a list of Effect ID’s for the Ninja TP feature view: Effect ID’s for Unturned

Other information:

The plugin no longer comes with the included configuration, please make sure you update them from the server manually to ensure you can edit the file yourself. The plugin will let you know if your configuration is out of date.

To-do list:

[Command] AutoAccept TPA from specified player.
[Config] Group TPA? Comment your thoughts on this!

Thanks for the suggestions, they help me learn more !

Donations would be highly appreciated and will keep updates and improvement of plugins at high priority!

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