#192 - published a month ago


A simple extension to Uconomy and requires it to run.

Give players a salary at set intervals, time starts at login and ends at logout.
Allow players to exchange their experience for currency using /exchange <amt> or currency for experience using /exchange <amt>/money
Give players currency every time they kill a player.  Great for pvp servers!
Take away currency if a player clicks suicide.
Give a player money. (Not out of your own account either!) /apay <name or id>/<amt>

All of these options are configurable and can be turned on and off independently.


The amounts will only go down to 0.01, same with the exchange rate.  Any lower and you may get weird results.

The Groups DisplayName require the exact name as the group Id from the Permissions config.

With the update, I have changed the filename.  Please delete any previous dlls before installing the new version.

With the update, I have changed the config file drastically.  Please backup your info and then rename/delete your old config file and let it be remade.  The other option is to use the defaults given above.



Are you tired of adding each item with commands to the shop? Look at the UUU to be able to add multiple items directly to your database.

Default configuration

Default english translation

Commands and permissions

Git changelog


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