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Vehicle Events

Vehicle Events


This plugin will spawn a vehicle somewhere on the map and notify players. Choose what vehicles you want, and most importantly, the color of the message (I know, my jaw dropped too). If you want new features, just put them in the comments and I shall implement them (If they are feasible).


The despawn mechanic works like so. If the vehicle has been moved away from its spawn or is locked (depends if the option is enabled or no) or has someone in it, it will NOT despawn. If the vehicle remains in the area and it is not locked (again depending on if it’s enabled or not) and has no one in it, once the despawn timer hits 0, the vehicle will despawn.
Vehicles will also despawn if the plugin is unloaded to prevent vehicles being left at spawns after restarts.

Note: This is NOT a vehicle event library. The name is misleading, I probably should have though of a better name, but we are going to roll with it.

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