#11 - published a month ago


Adds commands that allow you to set warps(named teleport points) on the server.

  • /warp <“warpname”> [“playername”] – Warps self to the set warp point, if a player name is entered into it, it’ll teleport that player to the warp point. This command can be used from the console if the player name is supplied.
  • /setwarp <“warpname”> – Sets a warp were you’re at on the map.
  • /delwarp <“warpname”> – Deletes a warp. Usable from console.
  • /delwarpall <“Map name”> – Deletes all warps for a specific map at once. This command is usable from console.
  • /warps [“partial warpname”] – lists the warps that are set on the server, if a warp name is entered, it’ll search for all of the warps matching the the entered warp name. Usable from console.
  • warp – Allows basic warp
  • warp.other – Allows the player to warp another player.
  • warpcharge.override – Allows a player to use all commands without being charged.
  • setwarp – Allows setwarp
  • delwarp – Allows delwarp
  • delwarpall – Allows delwarpall
  • warps – Allows warps
  • UconomyEnable – Enables the Uconomy features in the plugin. (Having Uconomy on the server is optional if this is set to false.)
  • WarpCargeEnable – Enables a cost to use the warp command.
  • WarpCost – Sets the price for the warp command.
  • WarpOtherChargeEnable – Enables a cost to use the warp command on other players.
  • WarpOtherCost – Sets the price for warping other players.
  • SetWarpChargeEnable – Enables a cost to set warps.
  • SetWarpCost – Sets the price for setting warps.
  • DelWarpChargeEnable – Enables a cost to delete warps.
  • DelWarpCost – Sets the price to delete warps.
  • EnableWaitGroups – Enables the Wait for warp Feature in the plugin, warps are instant with this set to false.
  • EnableMovementRestriction – Enables a movement restriction check during the wait time on warps.
  • WaitGroups – The list of groups with wait times set to each group, All groups that aren’t set here will use the all wait group for the wait time.
  • Warps – The list of saved warps. Care should be taken if you want to modify the warps list by hand.


Important update notes:

  • – This update adds Uconomy features to the plugin, having Uconomy on the server is optional if the Uconomy features are disabled in the plugin(Having UconomyEnable set to false.). Also you will need to delete the plugin’s translations file, when updating the plugin, as there were some new lines added to it for the Uconomy features.
  • – The translations file will need to be deleted again, there’s two new translation  lines in this update.
  • – Major update. This update adds wait times on warps with a configurable wait time on each rocket group. And the plugin has been made somewhat more RCON friendly, will now print non-logger messages directed to the console to RCON as well like help messages, warps list. Note: You will need to regenerate the translations file again to use the new wait groups function in the plugin.
  • – Fixed type in the translations, you either have to reset the translations file to get the fix, or apply the fix to the “warp_wait_nomovement” translations line, setting the second number in the curly brackets from {0} to {1}.

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