#184 - published 2 years ago


This plugin gives admins back the ability to clear inventories of themselves or others now that it has been removed from Rocket.


  • ci to clear your own inventory
  • ci.other to clear someone else’s inventory

NOTE: I am aware of an issue where if you clear the clothing and you pick something else up, you will be wearing some non-clothing items. Not sure what is causing this. This could also cause someone to not be able to log in after having their inventory clothing cleared. Please proceed with caution and use at your own risk.

For Plugin Developers

This plugin can also be used like a library to provide clear inventory calls within your own plugins.  Please look at the source code for the command, as you will have to replicate any checks needed before doing the call to clear.  Both functions return false if there was an error which is reported to console and true if it was successful.

  • ZaupClearInventoryLib.Instance.ClearInv(UnturnedPlayer player) – clears the items in player’s inventory
  • ZaupClearInventoryLib.Instance.ClearClothes(UnturnedPlayer player) – clears the clothes on player BUGGY

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